Why We Exist

Our Mission

Our goal is to make great coffee accessible to everyone. To show our customers that meaningful relationships and making coffee connections build a community that we can feel good about creating. To make big changes through a number of small purchases from compassionate like minded people.

We are grateful for the love and support we receive and hope you can feel that in every bag of coffee we roast.

Our Origin

Kings Peak Coffee was borne from the empowering connections we made with coffee farmers in Costa Rica. 

Against all odds, these farmers had learned how to carefully cultivate their beans in a way that was both sustainable and eco-friendly. It wasn't just about the best cup of coffee we had ever tasted, but learning about the generational bonds that exist to this day through coffee.

Their entire livelihood not only depended on each harvest, but that roasters would invest in something better - we decided to do our small part and take up their fight.

We have expanded our relationships to several other coffee producing Countries where the challenges are the same, but so is the passion involved.

Our Coffee

All of our coffee is sourced from Direct Trade relationships with the farmers or through reputable importers that have a good track record and a history of giving back.  We pay more for our coffee to ensure everyone in the supply chain is not just surviving but actually thriving.  This philosophy equates to better conditions, better equipment, better training, and in the end a better quality coffee.